Miriam CohenMiriam Cohen had her first peek at an advertising agency while still in college. Intrigued by a young woman running purposefully around everywhere (in very high heels, we might add), Miriam asked someone specifically about that woman’s job.  “She’s an account executive,” they explained, “she gets involved in everything:  marketing, creative, customer psychology, television, radio, print, you name it, she does it.”  Miriam was hooked.

For decades, Miriam worked in Account Management for companies like Ogilvy & Mather, Wunderman Worldwide (Interpublic) and Avrett, Free & Ginsberg.  Starting at the most junior position, she rose through the ranks to be a Supervisor, a Vice President and a Director/Partner. Having written since she was little, Miriam learned from some of the best creative people in the business and is known for her innate ability to communicate in any tone of voice, making her a ghostwriter especially able to bring your ideas to life authentically.

Miriam’s extensive experience allows her to now bring big company expertise to solopreneurs, small businesses and mid-sized companies.  She is also a social media consultant who loves helping clients build their online presence.

Why I Left The Corporate World

I meet people every day who left corporate life because it so skewed their balance between family and work. For me, leaving the corporate rat race helped me achieve a balance in my life that I never had and renewed my sense of purpose.

It also literally saved my life.  Twice.

Flash back to 9/11/2001.  A cancelled meeting spared me from being in Tower Two that morning, but I did see the second plane crash into the building where my client had offices.  That was truly a defining moment for me.

I started to question what and why I was doing and the kinds of things I was selling for clients. Professional and personal life-changing events followed and I almost walked away from the field I had so loved since I was in my 20’s.

With leaving the corporate world, I started taking my personal life more seriously.  I even started keeping those doctor appointments I was always canceling.  It was a good thing too.  It saved my life again.  Doctors found a serious health problem which resulted in my having open heart surgery.

It was as though my heart was healed on so many levels. In that brush with mortality, I realized that it wasn’t the work that was the problem; it was the corporate culture (that caused me to neglect my life) that was an issue for me. I still wanted to do meaningful work for people creating beauty and adding value to the world.

Since 2002, I’ve been doing just that, helping clients find their best prospects and realize their dreams by helping them convert product features into true end benefits and developing copy and content for all media.